41908 Route 6 | PO Box 7 | Wyalusing, PA 18853


Our History

With thunder booming and lightning striking, the dangerous storm that hit the rolling terrain of Northeastern Pennsylvania in 1874 was enough to kick our founders into action. A group of farmers hunkered down to weather the storm together. In a vulnerable barn owned by William Shumway, a local farmer with a reputation for being one of the area’s most progressive, it was then that they made an important pact…to help farmers protect themselves from the possible calamity of fire. After all, a lightning strike or a lantern kicked over by a cow could destroy any one of their livelihoods. Mr. Shumway would become the first president of what would evolve into Tuscarora Wayne… and the rest is history!

Decades later, the company would even have a building of its own. Policyholders were served out of a local residence until 1953. Then our newly constructed headquarters in Wyalusing, Pennsylvania was ready for action.

In the last six decades, just six Chief Executive Officers – William Shumway, Roy Blocher, Walter Mitten, James W. Chadwick, Jay W. Chadwick and our current President/Chief Executive Officer Todd Salsman have led our company… all with a conservative business philosophy and a collaborative spirit.

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